Robbie Sadler - RSK Plumbing & Heating

Robbie Sadler knew from an early age that wanted a career as a tradesman. Luck got him onto a building site where he found his place helping the plumbers, he pushed himself in front of potential employers until one put him touch with us. We got him employed with Sovereign Housing as an Apprentice Plumber and after 10 years, gaining a wide range of qualifications, skills and experience, he left and has recently set up his own business with a partner. They too are now using Apprenticeships to help their business grow further.

What is the name of your company?
RSK Plumbing and Heating

What is your current position?

Describe your job on a daily basis?
Our days are always different, that's what I love about this profession. One day you're fitting a bathroom, the next you're installing a completing heating system. There's also the general organising of work loads, arranging for materials to be ready for each job and lots of paperwork to sort to such as invoicing and estimates.

Where were you working when you started your apprenticeship?
I was working at Sovereign Housing for 10 years.

What got you started on the road to an Apprenticeship?
From the moment I left school I knew I wanted to be a tradesman as I really enjoy working with my hands. I offered to help out on a local building site and spent a few days labouring for the plumber on-site and found the work really interesting and enjoyable, this was when I decided I wanted a career in plumbing. I started sending lots of letters to local plumbing businesses enquiring about any work they may have but only two replied. One of them put me in touch with WBTC and they couldn't of been more helpful. After an interview with them they found me an Apprenticeship with Sovereign Housing and this is where I learnt my trade. I was lucky to be taught by some of the best plumbers and heating engineers in the area, which meant I gained valuable knowledge, lots of experience and skills. WBTC gave me all the support I needed, they organised my college courses and kept track of my progress both at college and on-site with regular meetings.

What Apprenticeship programme did you join and what is the qualification that it gave you?
I achieved an NVQ level 2 and a NVQ level 3 in Plumbing and Heating, Water Regulations, Gas and Oil qualifications for Domestic Appliances, Unvented Hot Water and LPG





Do you employ any Apprentices?
We do. Just recently we took the step to employ our first Apprentice. He's started very well and has fitted right in.

How do you see Apprenticeships helping your business?
The reason we wanted to employ an apprentice was that we wanted to invest a time and money into the right person who we could teach the way we both were taught. We wanted to expand our work force team with a young, enthusiastic person who was willing to learn and work hard. Once they are qualified they be capable of helping out with all aspects of the business. We'll certainly be considering another Apprentice very soon.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships to other businesses?
I would strongly recommend other businesses to invest in apprentices as what better way to grow a business then from training your own employees and teaching them the way you would like them to work.

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