Pledge 2018

Pledge now to get the best new Apprentices for your business vacancies!

Our 30 years of experience tells us that the strongest applicants look for Apprenticeships in May & June and are usually snapped up by July. As a valued customer we want you to pick from the strongest pool of A Level, AS Level and GCSE leavers. Pledge your vacancy NOW even if it isn't due to be filled until later in the year and we will make sure that you are matched with the best. In June we will again run a special 'Apprentice Recruitment Day' where the strongest and brightest applicants are invited to apply for those vacancies 'pledged'. Last year we matched over 25 high-flying school/college leavers with local businesses. In many cases their vacancies started in August or September but they filled them in June with the best candidates.

They say 'the early bird gets the worm' so pledge early and see the best that Berkshire has to offer.

How do I pledge?

Make a pledge by completing your details below. We know that there is a limited supply of the strongest applicants so we aim for 30 pledged vacancies in 2018 to be filled. We will run the exclusive Apprentice Recruitment Day on Thursday June 28th at which the best candidates will be introduced to your vacancies. All that we ask is you guarantee to see those applicants we short list for you. We're pretty confident that you'll be happy with those that you see.

If you need further free advice and guidance, contact Rachel or call her on 01635 35975.