Paul Stout AMJ Auto Services

Paul began his career as an Apprentice in 1992 working in the warehouse of a local auto-parts dealer. Once qualified he secured a full time position where he continued to build his knowledge and skills. Eventually Paul worked his way up the ladder to become the General Manager. Paul is now a partner in his own vehicle service business and he’s using his years of experience to help his own apprentices to learn their trade.

What Apprenticeship did you take?
I did the warehousing course which I believe was a one year course.

Have you been promoted at all as a result of your Apprenticeship training?
Once I gained my qualification I was taken on as a full time employee. I began by working in the warehouse, looking after stock, ordering and generally keeping things organised but over the years, thanks to getting involved with as many aspects of the business as I could and being keen to progress, I worked my way up the ladder until I became the General Manager.





Would you recommend Apprenticeships to other businesses?
Yes! An Apprenticeship with WBTC gave me the chance to gain employment all those years ago and started me in a truly fantastic direction.

Will you be looking at Apprenticeships to help your new business?
At A-Z Autoparts we often employed Apprentices and they proved to be hard working, enthusiastic and good learners, in my new venture, Apprentices will play a big part in our growth. In fact, we are just about to take on our first Apprentice.

So tell us a little about your new business?
The new company is called AMJ Auto Services and we offer vehicle serving and repairs, to all makes of cars, but we also specialise in window tinting, supplying and fitting of tow bars, in-car entertainment systems, parking sensors, tracking and security systems and pretty much all other aspects of your motor vehicle needs.

You can visit AMJ Auto Services by clicking here