Jessica Livings left school knowing she wanted to continue studying but she also wanted to be earning some at the same time. With our help, she began an Intermediate Housing Apprenticeship as a Housing Officer with Sovereign Housing Association, a challenging and demanding Apprenticeship that took her into the property world managing all aspects of lettings. Her dedication and capabilities won her a national Apprenticeship Award and she has since gained her Advanced Apprenticeship. Jessica tells us what appealed to her about the idea of an Apprenticeship.

What Apprenticeship programme are you on and what is the qualification you are going towards?
I originally started the Level 2 in housing NVQ. I completed qualification 2014. I then decided I want to progress through the qualifications and started the Level 3 certificate in housing, which I have now finished.

How long have you been on the programme?
I was initially on the programme for a year but stayed on for a further year as I wanted to progress my knowledge further.

Have you been promoted at all as a result of your Apprenticeship training?
After completing my Apprenticeship I decided to apply for Housing Officer Roles. On my first application I was successful, and started as a fully qualified Housing Officer.

How has an Apprenticeship helped you?
It has helped my confidence with being able to speak to people and not get nervous. Before my Apprenticeship I found it very difficult to give a presentation, since then I have given many.

How do you see your career taking shape?
I hope to remain at Sovereign Housing but would like to progress further than I am or try a different role. I would also like to complete my Level 4 Certificate in housing.

How did WBTC help you?
They supported me with my NVQ and would always give me advice as needed. They helped me to get my qualification in ICT and also took myself and other Apprentices on trips to help with teamwork skills.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships to others?
I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship to others who are not sure if they want to go to university but still want to carry on learning in a different way.

It has helped me to progress my practical skills that you would not learn in a classroom and implement them in everyday life. An Apprenticeship was really the best decision I have made about my future.