Dylan Jones-Field

Dylan Jones-Field knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in computing and found the start he was after with an Apprenticeship through WBTC at Micro Focus. This allowed him to get the experience and skills he needed to build the foundations of a successful career. 20 years later he still works for Micro Focus and is now their Release Engineering Manager, a key role leading a team developing cutting edge business solutions software.

Describe your job. What do you do on a day to day basis?
I am responsible for the operational aspects of software development and delivery, working across multiple sites and teams on the software development and release process, primarily on the COBOL and Enterprise side of the business.

How long was your Apprenticeship?
I was on my Apprenticeship for just under 2 years.

What got you started on the road to an Apprenticeship?
I have been interested in computing since a young age, and during collage I was keen to get working. The Apprenticeship was able to help by finding me a role in the software industry.

How has an Apprenticeship helped you?
Being an apprentice allowed me to experience real life in the workplace while continuing to study. Joining a successful and exciting software company gave me the opportunity to interact and learn from the amazing talent at Micro Focus and to understand more about the industry and my own career.

Where is your future, or how do you see your career taking shape?
It is an exciting time to be in the software industry, and there are many opportunities ahead. I look forward to helping the team here continue to be successful.

How did WBTC help you?
WBTC offered support and guidance when taking the first steps in my career. I found Micro Focus through WBTC and have just celebrated over 20 years of full time employment here.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships to others?
Yes, in fact I’ve worked with others who came to Micro Focus via WBTC, and I’ve also hired Apprentices in the team here.

An Apprenticeship is a great way to experience the workplace, establish personal direction and aspirations, to learn and collaborate with others and get involved.